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Productivity, Efficiency,
Health & Safety

TiL is committed to becoming the Terminal Operator of Choice in terms of Safety, Productivity, and Efficiency.

Productivity, Efficiency, Health & Safety

Promoting best practices in health & safety

Our number one priority is to keep our employees and all our terminal users, including external visitors, vessel crews, and suppliers, safe. To achieve that, we have put together a very comprehensive plan. This plan is based on corrective measures - terminal by terminal, but also on innovation, and is very granular in terms of the actions that we except the terminals to be undertaking every step of the way.

Achieving highest standards of productivity & efficiency

At TiL, we understand the relationship between productivity and efficiency. We don't believe - like many in the industry - that productivity comes at a cost, and that one has to choose between being productive or being efficient. We believe that the two go together. We know that improving productivity allows us to do more business with the same footprint and the same resources.

Automation & Densification

Automation & Densification

Our main motivation for automation is the ability to densify the operation, and, as such, increase the capacity without increasing the footprint. By automating and densifying our operations, we optimize the use of our existing infrastructure, thus removing the need for land reclamation or additional land exploitation.

Also, and as people are at the core of TiL’s mission, by separating man from machine we can provide our people a safer and more ergonomic working environment. Automation as well offers a unique opportunity to upskill our workforce and expand employment opportunities.

Automated equipment are also usually fully electrified, which is a key step in the decarbonization of our operations.

Digital transformation

At TiL we want to use digitization to achieve our safety, efficiency and productivity goals. To do this but also avoid the technology becoming a solution looking for a problem, we have taken the time to clarify our objectives and put a pragmatic plan together to achieve early successes that can help us in reducing downtime, predicting productivity, reducing unproductive moves and doing much more.

Our digital transformation initiative is creating an information system to interface with the diverse existing terminal operational systems and applications used by our terminals across the portfolio. This system will collect, process and centralize organization-wide data, which will provide powerful analytics capabilities to improve management understanding of terminal performance, and develop new management tools and functions which will ultimately enhance the efficiency and reliability of our terminal operations.

Digital transformation