Lomé - Togo

Lomé Container Terminal (LCT)

Lomé Container Terminal S.A. (LCT) was one of the greenfield projects that TiL fully developed.

Lomé - Togo

A gateway to West Africa

LCT, a greenfield project developed by TiL, was awarded a 35-year concession by the Government of Togo, to develop, finance, construct and operate a container terminal within the Port of Lomé in Togo, one of the few deep-water ports on the West African coast.

The terminal is located on the Gulf of Guinea and ideally positioned to serve as a transshipment hub for the West African coast. The terminal serves as a gateway to the landlocked countries of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso and to the northern areas of Nigeria.

LCT’s estimated handling capacity is 2.2 million TEU moves per annum with further expansion plans in the pipeline.

Lomé - Togo

Supporting the workforce

LCT is continuously striving to improve their performance through training and mentoring of the local workforce. The terminal developed its proper on-site training center that invests in and offers training in systems to upskill its employees and, consequently, optimize its operations through additional functionalities.

A commitment to improve

As a leading port operator in the region, LCT strives for continuous improvement of its performance while ensuring the well-being of its employees and delivering high quality services to customers.

Lomé - Togo

Key Figures

  • Terminal Configuration

  • Quay Length

    1,050 m
  • Channel Depth

    16.6 m
  • Terminal Area

    53 ha
  • Maximum Capacity

    1.6M TEU
  • Maximum Ship Size

    16,000 TEU
  • Terminal Assets

  • Quay Cranes

  • Yard Cranes

  • Reefer Plugs