Long Beach, California - USA

Total Terminals International (TTI)

Total Terminals International (TTI) is one of the largest terminals in North America.

Long Beach, California - USA

Large-scale operations

TTI, which started operations on Pier T in Long Beach in 2002, is one of twelve container terminals in the San Pedro Bay.

TTI can handle 3 ultra-large container vessels with (up to) 14 ship-to-shore cranes simultaneously. The yard operations are handled by a combination of rubber-tired gantry cranes and top handlers.

Pier T has the best on-dock rail facility on the US Westcoast with 12 working tracks and 4 storage tracks for a total track length of almost 90,000 ft, allowing TTI to build up to 10,000 ft trains.

Long Beach, California - USA

Looking ahead

TTI is planning to modernize its facility and to significantly grow its capacity through the densification of its activities. The modernization plan aims to maximize the terminal’s throughput capacity while minimizing any externalities generated by its activities.

Acting responsibly

TTI’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact includes achieving carbon neutrality (in line with California’s Clean Air Action Plan), by assuring that any new equipment introduced post-2030 shall be zero-emission, growing its capacity through further densification to avoid the need for further land reclamation and minimizing its impact on local road traffic by maximizing efforts and investments in developing rail capacity.

The terminal is strongly committed to continue improving the working conditions of its employees, focusing both on an ergonomic working environment and keeping people safe by embracing new technologies to allow a safe distance between people and heavy machinery.

Long Beach, California - USA

Key Figures

  • Terminal Configuration

  • Quay Length

    1,524 m
  • Channel Depth

    17 m
  • Terminal Area

    154 ha
  • Capacity

    2.9M TEU
  • Maximum Ship Size

    19,000 TEU
  • Terminal Assets

  • Quay Cranes

  • Yard Cranes

  • Reefer Plugs