Our Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Captain Gianluigi Aponte

    Captain Gianluigi Aponte

    MSC Group Chairman

    TiL Board Director

  • Diego Aponte

    Diego Aponte

    MSC Group President

    TiL Board Chairman

  • Elâ Aponte-Soyuer

    Elâ Aponte-Soyuer

    MSC Group Senior Vice President

    TiL Board Director

  • Søren Toft

    Søren Toft

    MSC Chief Executive Officer

    TiL Board Director

  • Hugues Favard

    Hugues Favard

    MSC Group Project Development Officer

    TiL Board Director

  • Adebayo Ogunlesi

    Adebayo Ogunlesi

    GIP Chairman, Founding & Managing Partner

    TiL Board Director

  • Michael McGhee

    Michael McGhee

    GIP Founding Partner & Deputy Chairman

    TiL Board Director

  • Stuart Baldwin

    Stuart Baldwin

    GIC Managing Director & Head of Infrastructure

    TiL Board Director

  • Emmanuel Réveillaud

    Emmanuel Réveillaud

    Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats Partner

    TiL Board Director

Management Team

Ammar Kanaan

Ammar Kanaan

Chief Executive Officer

Ammar Kanaan has been the CEO of TiL since April 2018. Ammar’s experience in the container terminal industry and in the transportation field in general dates back to 1992, when he first worked as a consultant between 1992 to 2004, after which he started his own company that provided management, systems and technical services to the container terminal industry, and later invested in the development and operations of container terminals most notably KAP on the Red Sea alongside TiL. Ammar has a Master’s degree from MIT and an engineering degree from AUB.

Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly

Chief Financial Officer

Craig’s career in the finance industry has spanned over 25 years, with senior roles and responsibilities covering advisory, banking, industrial and corporate activities. Prior to joining TiL, Craig was the CFO and co-founder of a publicly listed international upstream energy company, Oryx Petroleum, and led the finance activities of another publicly listed company, Addax Petroleum. Craig started his career by earning his professional accounting designation at Ernst & Young before progressing to the Capital Markets division of the Royal Bank of Canada where he helped a range of clients to grow their businesses through the execution of strategic corporate finance and M&A transactions.

Romain Simon

Romain Simon

Chief Investment Officer

Romain Simon is the Chief Investment Officer of Terminal Investment Limited (TiL). Romain has 20 years’ experience in M&A, corporate finance and infrastructure investments with large corporate experience in the Energy & Transportation sector. Romain holds a Masters’ degree in Finance from the University of Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris and a Masters' of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering from ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse.

Carl-Henry Piel

Carl-Henry Piel

Chief Technical Officer

Carl-Henry Piel serves as the Chief Technical Officer for Terminal Investment Limited overseeing all technical activities of the firm including civil infrastructure, procurement of quay and yard cranes and other container handling equipment, maintenance, terminal operating systems and supporting information and operations technologies and cybersecurity. Carl-Henry holds a Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering and previously led the Intelligent Transportation Systems consulting practice for IBI Group in the United States.

Miika Heiskanen

Miika Heiskanen

General Counsel

Miika Heiskanen was named as the General Counsel of Terminal Investment Limited in April 2022. He joined TiL from its shareholder, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, where he was Assistant General Counsel and established and ran a team of lawyers responsible for M&A and corporate projects. Prior to joining the MSC Group, Miika worked at a NYSE listed oil and gas industry contractor and for two leading international law firms in New York, Helsinki, London and Tokyo. He has law degrees from the University of Helsinki and the University of Chicago Law School and he is a member of the New York Bar.

Terminal Investment Directors

  • Tom Van Eynde

    Tom Van Eynde

    Terminal Investment Director
    North American Region

  • Patricio Junior

    Patricio Junior

    Terminal Investment Director
    Central & South American Regions

  • Paolo Maccarini

    Paolo Maccarini

    Terminal Investment Director
    Mediterranean Region

  • Chris Schaffers

    Chris Schaffers

    Terminal Investment Director
    Asian & North European Regions

  • David El Bez

    David El Bez

    Terminal Investment Director
    French, Eastern Atlantic & African Regions

  • Tim Vancampen

    Tim Vancampen

    Terminal Investment Director
    North European Region