Le Havre - France

Terminaux de Normandie

Le Havre Port, Bougainville, was the first container terminal investment of the MSC group in 2001.

Le Havre - France

Strategically located

Le Havre benefits from a strategic geographic location and from a high-quality infrastructure with superior maritime access and direct access to deep water sea. The terminal serves as a long-term gateway and transshipment hub for MSC in the Nort Western Europe region.

Le Havre - France

Ambitious modernization plans

A recent investment in the development and modernization of the terminal will help Le Havre become an even more significant access point for the French cargo market and will strengthen its position as a gateway to the North Western Europe region. This initiative will lead to the creation of over a thousand jobs over the next six years and will prepare the terminal to handle the world’s biggest ships.

Increasing capacity without increasing footprint

The modernization project aims to double the terminal’s handling capacity by installing new ship-to-shore cranes, increasing the current number to 20 cranes. It will also be tripling the terminal’s storage capacity with the installation of fleet gantries at six berths. The newly installed equipment will be fully electrified, reducing the terminal’s direct emissions. The port will also be installing a shore power (cold ironing) system to help reduce vessels’ carbon footprint. This development project will be completed by 2028.

Le Havre - France

Key Figures

  • Terminal Configuration

  • Quay Length

    2,100 m
  • Channel Depth

    16 m
  • Terminal Area

    107 ha
  • Maximum Capacity

    1.8M TEU
  • Maximum Ship Size

    20,000 TEU
  • Terminal Assets

  • Quay Cranes

  • Yard Cranes

  • Reefer Plugs