Singapore - Republic of Singapore

MSC PSA Asia Terminal (MPAT)

Located in the Republic of Singapore, MPAT, a joint venture between PSA and TiL, is part of the world’s biggest transshipment hub.

Singapore - Republic of Singapore

Largest transshipment hub in the world

MPAT, located at Singapore’s Pasir Panjang Terminals, is part of the largest transshipment hub in the world and home to the largest container vessels ever built.

Singapore - Republic of Singapore

Operational excellence through innovation

Renowned for its operational excellence, efficiency, reliability, and safety, MPAT continues its relentless pursuit of innovation by leveraging data/video analytics, automation, and driver telematics to bring terminal operations to even greater heights.

Green initiatives

MPAT has also been active in the area of sustainability, with initiatives such as electrification of port equipment and the use of alternative-fuel prime movers.

Singapore - Republic of Singapore

Key Figures

  • Terminal Configuration

  • Quay Length

    3,015 m
  • Channel Depth

    16 m
  • Terminal Area

    103.95 ha
  • Maximum Capacity

    8.5M TEU
  • Maximum Ship Size

    23,000 TEU
  • Terminal Assets

  • Quay Cranes

  • Yard Cranes

  • Reefer Plugs